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  • Custom Street Map Puzzle

    Customizable Custom Street Map Puzzle


  • Personalized Wedding March Throw

    Customizable Personalized Wedding March Throw


  • Custom Family Pillow

    Customizable Custom Family Pillow


  • Written in the Stars Glass Platter

    Customizable Written in the Stars Glass Platter


  • Personalized Family & Friends Platter

    Customizable Personalized Family & Friends Platter


  • Intersection of Love Wedding Stationery

    Customizable Intersection of Love Wedding Stationery

    $5.00 - $740.00

  • Vineyard Wedding Personalized Art

    Customizable Vineyard Wedding Personalized Art

    $300.00 - $500.00

  • Anniversary Journal Wedding Stationery

    Customizable Anniversary Journal Wedding Stationery

    $5.00 - $980.00

  • Tandem Bike Wedding Stationery

    Customizable Tandem Bike Wedding Stationery

    $5.00 - $540.00

  • American Valley Wedding Stationery

    Customizable American Valley Wedding Stationery

    $5.00 - $740.00

  • Wedding Crest Wedding Stationery

    Customizable Wedding Crest Wedding Stationery

    $5.00 - $720.00

61 to 71 (of 71) 
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Uncommon Gift Tips

How to choose wedding gifts?
First, check the couple’s wedding registry. It’s a great place for gift ideas and to learn a couple’s interests. Set your budget and filter by price. Once you receive the invitation shop for something thoughtful, like a personalized gift. Ship early so it arrives in time for the wedding.

What are other people getting for this occasion?
2015: Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Pushpin Map
2016: Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Pushpin Map
2017: Intersection of Love - Photo Print

How much should I spend on wedding presents? Here is what other people spent at UncommonGoods:
Average spend: $128.77
Close friend: $121.30
Son/Daughter: $162.10

Sending a note with your gift? Here's some inspiration:
• "Congratulations on your wedding! We wish you all the best for many joyful and adventurous years together."
• "Hope you have a beautiful wedding and romantic honeymoon. Wishing you both much love and happiness."
• "I am so happy for you both! You two are absolutely perfect together! Can’t wait for your wedding, you’ll be the most beautiful bride!"

Still stuck? Meet Sunny the best ever (well only) gift finding elephant. Sunny has big ears for listening and a huge brain to help you find the best wedding gift possible. Good luck!