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  • Planet Lollipops

    Planet Lollipops


  • Baseball Game

    Baseball Game


  • Literary Scarves

    Literary Scarves


  • Bioluminescent Dino Pet

    Bioluminescent Dino Pet

    $59.95 - $69.95

  • Beer & Bourbon Nuts

    Beer & Bourbon Nuts


  • Wishing Wall

    Wishing Wall


  • Hard Working Man's Hygiene Kit

    Hard Working Man's Hygiene Kit


  • Molecular Gastronomy Kit - Cuisine

    Molecular Gastronomy Kit - Cuisine

    $49.00 - $65.00

  • Personalized If My Dog Could Talk Book

    Customizable Personalized If My Dog Could Talk Book


  • Links of Love Necklace

    Links of Love Necklace


  • The Mug with a Hoop

    The Mug with a Hoop


  • Beer Cap Map USA

    Beer Cap Map USA


  • Pick Punch

    Pick Punch


  • Pedigree Poem Tote Bag

    Customizable Pedigree Poem Tote Bag


  • Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

    Customizable Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

    $195.00 - $250.00

  • Growth Necklace

    Growth Necklace


  • Meditation Box

    Meditation Box


  • Beer Jelly - Set of 4

    Beer Jelly - Set of 4


  • Upcycled Sari Lounge Robe

    Upcycled Sari Lounge Robe


  • Birthstone Definition Necklace

    Birthstone Definition Necklace


  • Garden Fairy Hanging Sculpture

    Garden Fairy Hanging Sculpture


  • Tea To Go

    Tea To Go


  • What I Love About Mom By Me Book

    What I Love About Mom By Me Book


  • Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box

    Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box


  • Das Horn

    Das Horn


  • Lune Light

    Lune Light


  • Make a Wish Chocolate Bars - Set of 2

    Make a Wish Chocolate Bars - Set of 2


  • Kaleidoscope Necklace

    Kaleidoscope Necklace


  • Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

    Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener


  • 13 Piece Beer Tasting Set

    13 Piece Beer Tasting Set


  • DIY Gnome Terrarium Kit

    DIY Gnome Terrarium Kit


  • Solar-Powered Mason Jar

    Solar-Powered Mason Jar


  • Gentlemen's Card Deck

    Gentlemen's Card Deck


  • Birth Month Flower Cuff

    Birth Month Flower Cuff


  • Mom's Little Vase

    Mom's Little Vase


  • Flower Hummingbird Feeder

    Flower Hummingbird Feeder


  • Personalized It's My Birthday Book

    Customizable Personalized It's My Birthday Book


  • Macaron Kit

    Macaron Kit


  • Salsa Grow Kit

    Salsa Grow Kit


  • Peruvian Opal Necklace

    New! Peruvian Opal Necklace


  • Be Yourself Paperweight

    Be Yourself Paperweight


  • LA Times Custom Birthday Book

    Customizable LA Times Custom Birthday Book


  • Llana the Llama Mug

    Llana the Llama Mug


  • Trinity Wooden Cuff

    Trinity Wooden Cuff


  • Beard Pack

    Beard Pack


  • Ice Cream Truck Playhouse

    Ice Cream Truck Playhouse


  • Mixed Metals Fishbowl Necklace

    Mixed Metals Fishbowl Necklace


  • Growing Wishes Seed Kit

    Growing Wishes Seed Kit


  • Alice in Wonderland Kaleidoscope Necklace

    Alice in Wonderland Kaleidoscope Necklace


  • Wedding Celebration Dropbox

    Customizable Wedding Celebration Dropbox


  • Giant Brain Teaser Puzzle

    Giant Brain Teaser Puzzle


  • Personalized Library Card Pillow

    Customizable Personalized Library Card Pillow

    $65.00 - $95.00

  • Taco Truck Playhouse

    Taco Truck Playhouse


  • Benevolent Brownies

    Benevolent Brownies


  • A History of Existing Life

    Low Stock A History of Existing Life

    $200.00 - $275.00

  • Mr. Owl Touch Lamp

    Mr. Owl Touch Lamp


  • Good Luck In All You Do Necklace

    Good Luck In All You Do Necklace


  • Yoga Dice

    Yoga Dice


  • Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces

    Low Stock Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces


  • Links of Love Bracelet

    Links of Love Bracelet


61 to 120 (of 369) 
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Birthday Gifts
Birthdays are awesome. Every year we have the chance to express how much we appreciate our friends and loved ones. By carefully choosing and wrapping a birthday present, we hope it is as unique as the gift recipient. Good presents are chosen with thought, affection, and creativity. The best birthday gifts aren’t necessarily practical, are often unusual, and are always the ones remembered throughout the years.
Best Friends
There is only one best friend. One person who knows what you’re thinking before you do and, with just a look, laughs at the joke you haven’t told yet. When searching for gifts for your bestie, aim to find a present that represents that unique bond, something with a personal touch is a must so checkout our customizable birthday gifts.
For Her
She’s extraordinary, exceptional, amazing! Birthday gifts for her should be as surprising and remarkable as she is. Find gifts for her in our eclectic jewelry collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Is she a foodie? Chocolates, wine glasses, and salts from around the world are cool women’s gifts. Does she like to relax? There are soaps to align her chakras, stones to calm her eyes, salts to sooth her feet, soaks to start her bath, and an entire spa in a bag.
For Him
It’s his birthday and he knows exactly what he wants—he’ll just never tell you. The rules for man gifts are quite simple. If he can grill it, chill it, wear it, or watch it, he’ll probably like it. Flavor infusers, grill baskets, skewers, scrapers, smokers, and roasters are great gifts for guys who think the aroma of grill smoke is the perfect cologne. The list of top gifts for men who never leave home without a beer huggie include beer tasting sets, beer brewing kits, beer socks, beer nuts, beer jelly, beer caddies, coolers, cards, cases, cap maps, growlers, and flights. Games, memorabilia, and team wallets are great gifts for sports-minded men. For that post-game interview, dudes can freshen up with a grooming kit and fashion up with a new watch.
For Mom
A mother’s heart is always with her children. The right birthday gifts for mom show her cherished moments are never forgotten. A great way to express love and gratitude is with your own words, and prompt books and letters are a fun way to get the pen moving. The most treasured gifts are personal and thoughtful. A locket with a photo, a mother and child pendant, or a family bracelet are all heartwarming gift ideas for mom. Whether it’s gifts for young mothers, new mothers, or grandmothers, you’ll find all the most unique gifts in our collection.
For Dad
Dad, are we there yet? Are we? Dad? For all those times he coached the team, fixed the flat, or gave swimming lessons, Dad deserves more than your standard tie and cufflinks. Unless of course it’s a bow tie made from a whiskey barrel and cufflinks that used to be a sports stadium seat. Give Dad birthday gifts he didn’t even know he wanted. Hipster, gamer, foodie, or chef, the best gifts for Dad are the ones he’ll never expect.