Woman taps Friendship Lamp. Second woman's lamp lights up.

Light up a loved one's day, no matter how far away they live.

1. Tap your lamp
2. Wifi magic
3. Theirs lights up

A Quick Way to Connect

Your lamp lights up, and just like that they're right there with you.

Boy taps Friendship Lamp. Young woman's lamp lights up. - small image Boy taps Friendship Lamp. Young woman's lamp lights up. - large image

Keep Family Close

Across the country, across town. Everyone can have their own color, so you know who's sending love your way.

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Praise & Pics

for the Original Friendship Lamp

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“This beautiful light gives me a way to show her I am there, without actually being able to be there.”

ALC | New Jersey

“I use this to stay in contact with my granddaughter. She taps it every night to say goodnight to grandma. It makes my day.”

Donna | North Carolina

“So perfect for the moments when you have a fleeting thought that a text cannot convey.”

Cocomotive | Texas


???Just give yours a tap to let the other person know you???re thinking about them *cue aws*.??? -BuzzFeed

Meet the Touch Lamp Team

touch lamp family

Originally invented as a Christmas present

John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen created the lamps to help family members stay in touch. The couple got engaged Christmas morning 2014, and started giving the lights as gifts the same year. Back then, they built every lamp by hand in their basement, but they've since moved to a larger space in Wichita, Kansas, where they work with a team of 26.

touch lamp team

Partnering with the Community

John and Vanessa partnered with both the Women's Initiative Network and the International Rescue Committee in building their team. WIN provides domestic abuse survivors with educational and employment opportunities, and the IRC (one of our Better to Give partners) provides aid to victims of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Four of John and Vanessa's full-time employees are refugees who connected with the business through the IRC.


Location & Shipping

  • I'd like to buy two lamps but ship them to different places. Is that possible?

    Yes! To ship them to different places, order each lamp separately. Just choose two “single lamps” instead of one “set of 2 lamps.”

  • Will the lamps work if one is in the US and the other is in another country?

    Yes! Si! Oui! Whether your loved one(s) live across town or across the world, you'll be connected.

  • I live in Australia. Do I need to buy a converter or adapter plug to use my lamp?

    Yes. The lamps are built to US electronics specifications, so they will need an adapter plug to work outside of the US and Canada.

  • Wifi & Functionality

  • Does the lamp have to be connected to Wi-Fi at all times to work?


  • Would this work if my parents use a hotspot on their phones instead of Wi-Fi? Or does it need to be a continuous Wi-Fi source?

    A hotspot should work just fine. However, if you turn your hotspot off, the lamps will no longer be connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Will the lamps connect to a 5.0ghz Wi-Fi network?

    No. The lamps cannot support a 5.0GHz connection at this time. They must be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The good news: Most routers have both signals. Just be sure to connect to the 2.4GHz network printed on your router.

  • Do the lamps work everywhere?

    Almost everywhere. Unfortunately, the lamps don't work on some college campuses, in hospitals, or at airports where you need special credentials to connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • Will these lamps work if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi, i.e. in different rooms in the same home?

    Yes! Each lamp has a unique ID, so even if you have a bunch connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can control them individually (and group them differently).

  • I bought lamps for me and my daughter. Can I set up the pair on our Wi-Fi while she's visiting us in Florida, and then have her reconnect it to her Wi-Fi in Ohio?

    You can set them up while she visits you in Florida but you'll need to repeat the set up process again when she brings the lamp back to Ohio with her. If you bought a lamp with a bridge, she'll need to bring the bridge with her to connect to her home router.

  • How long do the lamps stay lit?

    The lamps are automatically set to fade after 1.5 hours, but you can adjust them so that they turn off at 30 minutes, 8 hours, or 24 hours, if you like.

  • Can the lamps be used outside?

    We recommend keeping the lamps inside. They're not waterproof and work best where the Wi-Fi is strongest.

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