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Planting the Seeds for our American Forests Collection

April 18, 2017

Sleeping Fox | UncommonGoods

Each time you shop at UncommonGoods, we donate $1 to a non-profit partner of your choice through our Better to Give program (at no cost to you). In 2010, we were proud and honored to welcome American Forests, the oldest conservation organization in the United States, to Better to Give. Since then, we’ve donated more than $380,000 (and counting!) to further American Forests’ mission to protect and restore forests worldwide. But there’s still work to do.

American Forests works to protect forests not only for our benefit, but also to protect threatened and endangered species. Through its recently launched Wildlands for Wildlife initiative, American Forests has identified seven critical forest ecosystems to help restore habitat for the important (and adorable!) wildlife across the country, like the Hawaii honeycreepers and the endangered ocelot in south Texas.

To support the new Wildlands for Wildlife initiative, we’re choosing items from our assortment for a special collection that will give back to American Forests. In honor of the 47th annual Earth Day on April 22, we’re giving you a peek at the first item in our upcoming American Forests collection: Janie Stapleton’s exclusive woodland animal printsWhen you buy one of Janie’s woodland animal prints, we will donate an extra $5 to American Forests (at no cost to you).

Sleepy Cub | UncommonGoods

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off this collection with Janie’s work. Early on, Janie was fascinated and inspired by the natural world. After high school, instead of following a career path to art school, Janie chose instead to pursue an education in herbal medicine and primitive skills. Through that, she stayed close to her inspiration and continued to develop her art, eventually transitioning into a career as an illustrator. Inspired by how animals in the wild only sleep when they feel safe and comfortable, Janie hopes to inspire those same cozy feelings in human children with her sleepy animal prints. Not only do these prints celebrate forest animals, but they are also available to be framed using BonanzaWood®, made using responsible forestry practices.

Sleepy Fawn | UncommonGoods

If you would like to donate directly to American Forests, please visit

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