Jillian Donaldson

After over a dozen years working in the food industry in Miami, Nashville, and Washington, DC, pastry chef Jillian Donaldson decided to bring her passion for baking with fun, all-natural ingredients into the homes of others. She originally started mailing baking kits to family and friends who lived too far away to enjoy her small-batch pastries, essentially “teaching a man to fish” (so he can feed himself cupcakes for a lifetime, of course). The idea that anyone can bake beautiful, high-quality pastries at home became a passion, as did educating both newbie bakers and pastry experts alike on the importance of ingredient knowledge and decorating techniques. Jillian believes that even when we indulge in pastries, an awareness of quality and origin of ingredients is key—and achieves the most scrumptious end result.

We spoke with Jillian about the little things that maker her kitchen magic, like her grandmother's heirloom stand mixer. Read our Q&A with her on our blog.

  • Unicorn Cupcake Kit

    Unicorn Cupcake Kit