Jerry Moran

Jerry Moran describes himself as an "ordinary guy," but his adventures are anything but ordinary. A former Marine, Jerry spent his career building, refurbishing, and repurposing both commercial and military aircraft. This work has included being part of a project team that salvaged a 727 out of a South American jungle and refurbishing a C-199 that was used in the 2004 film Flight of the Phoenix. But after a visit to the Davis-Monthan Air Force boneyard in Tucson, Arizona, Jerry started to think outside the box. He had always been able to manipulate aircraft aluminum to any specification, so he decided to try making it into unique jewelry and accessories, taking materials that no longer had a purpose and giving them a new history.

Visit the blog to learn more about Jerry, from how he got started to where he turns for inspiration, with a bit of rugby-player wisdom thrown in.

  • Paper Airplane Necklace

    Paper Airplane Necklace


  • Paper Airplane Earrings

    Paper Airplane Earrings


  • Take Flight Cufflinks

    Take Flight Cufflinks


  • Thunder Bird Cufflinks

    Thunder Bird Cufflinks