Dottie Boscamp

“Blowing glass is like a dance, always moving and responding to my partner, which is the molten glass,” explains artist Dottie Boscamp. From the moment Boscamp gathered the 2000 degree liquid glass from the furnace, she has enjoyed the creative process of making art. It all started back in college at Illinois State University in the year 2000. The heat and fire amazed her and 17 years later, she is still amazed and shares her passion with other students when she teaches classes in her studio in Laporte, Colorado.

Visit our blog to see Dottie in action and learn more about how she became an artist.

  • Speckled Glass Olive Oil Dispenser

    Speckled Glass Olive Oil Dispenser


  • Rainbow Candy Dish Bowl

    Rainbow Candy Dish Bowl

    originally $59.00