Janie Stapleton

Janie Stapleton is an illustrator from Northern California, and began painting at a young age with her mother and grandmother. Early on, Janie was fascinated and inspired by the natural world. After high school, instead of following a career path to art school, Janie chose instead to pursue an education in herbal medicine and primitive skills. Through that, she stayed close to her inspiration and continued to develop her art, eventually transitioning into a career as an illustrator. Now Janie lives and works in Arizona.

  • Sleepy Fox Print

    Sleepy Fox Print

    $49.00 - $95.00

  • Sleepy Cub Print

    Sleepy Cub Print

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  • Sleepy Bunny Print

    Sleepy Bunny Print

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  • Sleepy Fawn Print

    Sleepy Fawn Print

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