Alex Ahrens

It may seem like a long way from aerospace engineering to creating animal-inspired designs, but Alex Ahrens finds common ground in precision and attention to detail. His high-tech training gave him an eye for spotting flaws—useful when creating products that people will interact with. Further time spent as a product and packaging designer gave him an appreciation for practical, well-designed objects that are attractive as well as user-friendly. "The uniqueness of animals has always interested me,” Alex observes. "Finding ways to blend functionality with their unique features inspires a lot of my work."

Take a dip into Alex's day-to-day on the blog and learn more about what being a maker means to him.

  • Shark Business Card Holder

    Shark Business Card Holder


  • Elephant Wall Hook

    Elephant Wall Hook


  • Bear Keys & Glasses Holder

    Bear Keys & Glasses Holder