Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman

Casey Elsass is a homemade gourmet and Morgen Newman is an entrepreneur. Togther, they found that the most interesting things come from mixing the unexpected, allowing life (and food) to be even more fascinating. They believe that food can taste extraordinary using only natures' finest ingredients. "I’m proud that our product is sourced from a family-run, chemical-free apiary. Our bees are treated right: only fed honey—never sugar water—and free to roam throughout the Hudson Valley’s landscape," says Casey.

Join us on a studio tour tour of their workspace in Brooklyn.

  • Gochujang Sriracha

    Gochujang Sriracha


  • Spicy Honey

    Spicy Honey


  • Salted Honey

    Salted Honey


  • Coffee Maple Syrup

    Coffee Maple Syrup