Nils Wessell

During his childhood, Nils often made replicas of the dragon in Ruth Stiles Garrett’s My Father’s Dragon series. As the years went by, this evolved into a desire to make art. The “language” he would use in art making was highly influenced from his summers in Vermont, where he’d spend his days with his uncle and grandfather – two woodworkers and serious DIY project addicts. They introduced him to the basics of construction. With their hard work, a property from a barely inhabitable summer cottage transformed into a compound complete with a barn, a pond, an in-ground pool and two three-bay garages.

Using this knowledge at Bard College, where he majored in Studio Arts, he practiced his construction skills by making large-scale sculptures and architectural installations. He has continued to work with wood and although his toys and tools have improved, in many ways, he remains that kid drawing and hammering, excited to keep working.

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