Trish & Aidan Iriye-Robson

Trish and Aidan live in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Vallejo, California, where they make toys and accessories for pets and their people.

All her life, Trish has loved making things. Her favorite thing to do when she was small was draw and color, and she has a degree in painting. Despite coming from a long line of sewers—her mom is an amazing modern quilter!—it wasn’t until she was in her 30s and began sewing toys for her dogs that she discovered her own passion for the craft.

Trish now makes toys with her husband, Aidan, affectionately known as “head donut stuffer.” Together, they aim to create fun, unique toys with a sense of humor and local consciousness. They love that each of their handmade toys is different from its litter mates and that each is beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and best of all—clearly not mass produced. Trish and Aidan are both so proud to be part of the handmade movement, and they hope you are, too!

  • Squeaky Dog Donuts

    Squeaky Dog Donuts


  • Pizza Catnip Toy

    Pizza Catnip Toy