Richard Upchurch

While visiting his family in Mississippi, Richard Upchurch was sitting in the living room with his nephew, who was lost in a sea of toys. In the cacophony of beeps and pre-recorded noises, he thought it would be fun to build him a device to explore his own voice. Richard started out cutting and sanding wood on his apartment roof, gluing parts in his bedroom, and assembling in the kitchen. A year later, he began to build his business and community at a wood shop in Brooklyn. His company became an internship provider for local programs that promote self-sufficiency for inner-city students ages 15–19. "My goal for all who work with us is to feel a sense of place and pride in building something with their own hands, and find a voice in a world that often tells them to be quiet" he says.

Vist our blog to take a tour of Richard's Brooklyn studio and to read more about his tech toys.

  • Lil' Mib (Message in a Box)

    Lil' Mib (Message in a Box)


  • Loopy Lou the DJ in a Box

    Loopy Lou the DJ in a Box


  • Zoots the Kalimba Recorder

    Zoots the Kalimba Recorder