Walter and Nancy Warner

When asked about the inspiration for her unique preserves, bonafide foodie Nancy Warner replied, “I ran out of fruit, but I never run out of beer.” One winter when fresh fruit was out of stock, she began turning unconventional things like coffee, wine, and beer into jelly. You might call Nancy and her husband Walter a renaissance couple. They left their careers in archaeology to relocate to Vermont so Walter could attend the Vermont Law School. While Walter studied cultural resource law, Nancy began to focus on the local bounty, where she found great inspiration in the local food and beer culture. Her first batch of strawberry chipotle jam was made with ten pounds of berries harvested at the Thetford Strawberry Festival. Hooked on canning, Nancy soon had a cupboard of jam, so Walter pushed her to the farmers market.

  • Beer Jelly - Set of 4

    Beer Jelly - Set of 4


  • Wine Jelly - Set of 2

    Wine Jelly - Set of 2


  • Sweet Heat Pepper Jam Trio

    Sweet Heat Pepper Jam Trio