Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren

With a name like Amaranth, a mythical flower that is said to never fade, Jo-Anne & Gerald Warren's stoneware has a lot to live up to. Using a firing process that can exceed 2000 degrees, Amaranth products are built to last, withstanding all elements and seasons, yet maintaining their signature charm. Each stoneware piece is made in an environmentally friendly fashion.

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  • Butterfly Puddler

    Butterfly Puddler


  • Morning Glory Butterfly Puddler

    Morning Glory Butterfly Puddler


  • Ladybug Castle

    Ladybug Castle


  • Bee House

    Bee House

    $18.00 - $55.00

  • Thistle Butterfly Puddler

    Thistle Butterfly Puddler


  • Llama Planter

    Llama Planter


  • Blossom Toad House

    Blossom Toad House