Michale Dancer

Michale Dancer, a creative director and product developer, has been involved in the fashion, architectural and interior design profession for most of her life.

She became an entrepreneur at an early age, when she started one of the first vintage clothing stores in New York City. Then, she developed a fashion manufacturing company, was Director of Interior Design at Macy's San Francisco and was an Architectural Consultant for DuPont.

Her family business is based in Northern California. As long time naturalists, they have discovered a beautiful and timeless form in which to preserve nature. By preserving botanicals, shells, spices, food and other interesting forms with precious metals, heirloom quality gifts that are unique, timeless and classic are born.

Read a Q&A with Michale or visit her studio on our blog.

  • Real Sugar Maple Leaf Night Light

    Real Sugar Maple Leaf Night Light


  • Antique Gold Aspen Necklace

    Antique Gold Aspen Necklace

    originally $44.00

  • Lucky Clover Necklace

    Lucky Clover Necklace


  • Pasta Bow Tie Necklace

    Pasta Bow Tie Necklace

    originally $40.00

  • Dipped Kale Foodie Necklace

    Dipped Kale Foodie Necklace

    originally $52.00

  • Dipped Peanut Foodie Necklace

    Dipped Peanut Foodie Necklace

    originally $52.00

  • Hydrangea Botanical Necklace

    Hydrangea Botanical Necklace

    originally $88.00