Fred Conlon

What would metalsmith Fred Conlon be if he weren't an artist? "I can't imagine doing anything else," he says. Raised in Colorado, Fred now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he makes witty garden sculptures out of reclaimed metal.

Visit our blog for the inside scoop on Fred's background, plus a peek into a typical day in his shop.

  • F Bomb Paperweight

    F Bomb Paperweight


  • A Hole Paperweight

    A Hole Paperweight


  • Nailed It Desk Organizer

    Nailed It Desk Organizer


  • Heavy Metal Rock Band

    Heavy Metal Rock Band


  • Gnome-Be-Gones With Gnome

    Gnome-Be-Gones With Gnome


  • Venus Fly Trap Garden Stake

    Venus Fly Trap Garden Stake


  • Anglerfish Sculpture

    Anglerfish Sculpture


  • Flamingo-Away Sculpture

    Flamingo-Away Sculpture


  • Gnome-Be-Gone Decision Maker

    Gnome-Be-Gone Decision Maker


  • Retro Robot Sculpture

    Retro Robot Sculpture


  • Blowfish Garden Stake

    Blowfish Garden Stake


  • Mocking Bird Garden Stake

    Mocking Bird Garden Stake