Dorothy Spencer

Dorothy Spencer is an author, design historian and creator of home furnishings whose products are made from recycled materials. An avid flea marketer and junker, she juggles her love for building and design with the challenge of writing.

She says of her work, "I have, even as a child, always been fascinated by old pieces of wood, advertising ephemera, old type and the like. As a student of design history and studio design, my interest turned toward the idea of what could be made from already existing materials, just reintroducing them so as to be seen in a different context. I find that the challenge to take something as common and everyday as a broomstick or a license plate or a set of discarded roller skate wheels or hockey sticks and transform them, combining shapes and uses, colors and designs, to create something new and extraordinary from something old and ordinary -- is very exciting."

Ms. Spencer lives in New Jersey where she maintains her design studio.