Catherine Weitzman

Catherine Weitzman draws her inspiration from her innate sense of organic style, her love and respect for the ocean, and her extensive world travels. She's had the good fortune to study first hand with traditional artisans from many parts of the world. In addition to apprenticing with metalsmiths at the Scuola Lorenzo di Medici in Florence, this group of mentors includes silversmiths of the Sahara, bamboo whittlers from Indonesia, and creators of precious metal clay in Tokyo. Drawing from each of these experiences, Catherine developed her own unique process and production style. She designs much of her work with her husband, Scott Diamond, and collaborates with an extremely gifted handmade production team in their California and Hawaii studios.

  • My Lucky Stars Necklace

    My Lucky Stars Necklace

    $72.00 - $110.00

  • Four Seasons Glass Necklaces

    Four Seasons Glass Necklaces


  • Jellyfish Earrings

    Jellyfish Earrings


  • Jellyfish Necklace

    Jellyfish Necklace


  • Starfish Earrings

    Starfish Earrings

    $60.00 - $85.00

  • My Lucky Stars - 5 to 10 Stars

    My Lucky Stars - 5 to 10 Stars

    $130.00 - $228.00

  • Seasons Terrarium Necklaces

    Seasons Terrarium Necklaces

    originally $85.00

  • My Lucky Stars Earrings

    My Lucky Stars Earrings

    $58.00 - $78.00

  • Four Seasons Necklace

    Four Seasons Necklace

    $100.00 - $120.00

  • Our Lucky Stars Necklace

    Our Lucky Stars Necklace


  • Glass Globe of Luck Necklace

    Glass Globe of Luck Necklace

    originally $85.00