Josh Bach

One day, Josh Bach looked down and realized that neckties are like blank canvases, and decided to infuse this classic men's accessory with wit and whimsy. Each of his eye-catching ties is designed to speak to its wearer's interests, whether he's into sports or stocks, music, or mathematics. "When I founded my company over twenty years ago, I was one of the few pioneers of 'thinking locally,'" he says. " I love living and working in New York and immediately realized that New Yorkers are creative, talented, hardworking, and skilled craftspeople—why not employ them and help the local economy?" Since 1993, his neckwear has been designed, printed, and sewn in the Big Apple.

  • Constitution Tie

    Constitution Tie


  • Baseball Stadiums Tie

    Baseball Stadiums Tie


  • Math Formulas Tie

    Math Formulas Tie


  • Declaration of Independence Tie

    Declaration of Independence Tie


  • Baseball Fields Tie

    Baseball Fields Tie