Graham Bergh

In 1991, Graham Bergh was riding his bike to his recycling job when he got a flat. Being a savvy recycler, he took the inner tube and made a cradle for his stereo speakers. Three years later, he started his own company focusing on reviving and refashioning spent bike gear.

Every year, Graham and his team of bicycle craftspeople collect thousands of pounds of used parts, drawing from bike shops nationwide. The pieces that still have life in them are donated to a local non-profit group that teaches bicycle repair to children, and the ones that are beyond repair are made into edgy home accents and accessories.

"We envision a sustainable future where commerce flourishes in a world powered by renewable energy, and where consumers are conscious of the origin of the food they eat, the energy they consume, and the products they buy," says Graham.

  • Bike Chain Frame

    Bike Chain Frame

    $36.00 - $38.00

  • Enjoy the Ride Bike Chain Coaster Set

    Enjoy the Ride Bike Chain Coaster Set


  • Bike Chain Bowl

    Bike Chain Bowl


  • Bamboo Bike Wall Clock

    Bamboo Bike Wall Clock


  • Bike Chain Bottle Opener

    Bike Chain Bottle Opener


  • Bike Chain Luggage Tag

    Bike Chain Luggage Tag