Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is working to spread social change through their lighthearted philosophy: Do Good. Relax.

They started distributing durable, 100% hand-woven hammocks as a way to provide sustainable economic opportunities for the people who make them. It started with the Mlabri Tribe in Thailand. A marginalized group with no concept of land ownership or relationship with the outside world, the Mlabri people were on the brink of extinction. Deforestation left them impoverished and enslaved by opportunists. By weaving the hammocks, the tribe has been able to develop a sustainable micro-economy. Yellow Leaf is “dedicated to nourishing [these] communities by promoting long-term economic health, environmental stewardship, social equity, and cultural vitality.”

In 2011, Yellow Leaf became a B Corp “to stand united with other values-driven enterprises and share in the collaboration, debate, and vision that will help bring market-driven solutions to the world's social ills.” They’re committed to spurring positive economic, environmental, and cultural change—as they say, “all from the comfort of a hammock.”

  • Do Good Travel Hammock

    Do Good Travel Hammock


  • Do Good Hammock

    Do Good Hammock


  • Do Good Cotton Hammock

    Do Good Cotton Hammock