Amy Waltz

Each piece of Amy Waltz’s jewelry is handcrafted in the US by women who love what they do, using recycled, non-conflict metals and stones. She hopes her jewelry will inspire you to "think more positively, treat yourself and others gentler, and open yourself up to the sun on your face and the wind in your hair."

  • Zodiac Constellation Cuff

    Zodiac Constellation Cuff


  • Trust The Journey Necklace

    Trust The Journey Necklace


  • Women's EquALLity Cuff

    Women's EquALLity Cuff


  • Climb Every Mountain Cuff

    Climb Every Mountain Cuff


  • Wishful Bee Necklaces

    Wishful Bee Necklaces

    originally $60.00

  • Bee Brave Stacker Ring

    Bee Brave Stacker Ring


  • Life Elements Bracelets

    Life Elements Bracelets

    $79.00 - $105.00