Derek Dahl & Sam Buss

It all started at a bar. Fraternity brothers Derek “Ducky” Dahl and Sam were procrastinating studying for finals when they noticed some board games on a shelf and thought, “What if we could make beer pong into a board game?" But alas, the boys had neither the money nor the skills to make it happen. One day, they happened upon a community makerspace where they could gain affordable access to and training on all the tools they needed to turn their idea into a reality. Many prototypes later, Mini Beer Pong was born. At first, the duo were assembling their games 1) afterhours, 2) in a corner of an unheated garage, 3) in the dead of winter, 4) in Minneapolis. With no prior sales experience, they tried to figure out how to get their game out to the world. But gradually, their game started appearing at more and more happy hours around the country, and their business slowly started to take off.

Step into Derek & Sam's Minneapolis workshop and check out some of their niftiest prototypes on the blog.

  • Mini Beer Pong

    Mini Beer Pong


  • Mini Flip Cup Game

    Mini Flip Cup Game


  • Mini Baseball Pong

    Mini Baseball Pong


  • Desktop Ladder Golf

    Desktop Ladder Golf

    originally $50.00

  • Desktop Kubb

    Desktop Kubb

    originally $60.00

  • Mini Basketball Game

    Mini Basketball Game