Scott Nelles

Scott Nelles works with bronze and aluminum using one of the most time-tested processes in existence: sand casting. This process involves building the object's shape from packed sand and then filling the cavity with molten metal. This process produces a subtle texture that adds to the character of each piece, making them seem handmade yet straight from the machine age.

Nelles' fascination with metal casting and clay sculpting began as a young boy. He began his 30-year career by educating himself at Western Michigan University, Oakland Community College and The Center for Creative Studies.

Of metal, he states, "I have created work in many different media, but I have always been led back to the same conclusion. There is nothing so durable, so inherently endowed with wealth of longevity and quality as metal."

  • Flying Saucer + Alien Family

    Flying Saucer + Alien Family


  • Moon Rocket Sculptural Bank

    Moon Rocket Sculptural Bank


  • Ray Gun Sculpture

    Ray Gun Sculpture


  • Hot Rod Car Sculpture

    Hot Rod Car Sculpture


  • Vintage Trailer Sculpture

    Vintage Trailer Sculpture