Carmel & Terrell Swan

Carmel and Terrell fell in love and discovered they shared anthropological backgrounds and a thirst for travel. They also had a joy & deep appreciation for art, design and craftsmanship. Today you'll find the Swans living in picturesque Petaluma, a quiet Northern California town nestled amongst dairy farms and rolling hills. Of course, they continue to travel to all parts of the world - you could say it is their business, and you would be right.

  • Hand Embroidered State Pillows

    Hand Embroidered State Pillows


  • College Dish Towel

    College Dish Towel


  • Hand Embroidered City Pillows

    Hand Embroidered City Pillows


  • Embroidered College Pillows

    Embroidered College Pillows

    $192.00 - $212.00

  • Coastal Dish Towel

    Coastal Dish Towel


  • National Park Explorer's Thermal Bottle

    National Park Explorer's Thermal Bottle