Sue Beatrice

Nature inspires Sue Beatrice's designs, but it's man-made creations that really turn her gears. When she creates new heirlooms from old ("I never destroy a watch that works!," she shares), she finds herself "thinking about the lives of the people who once owned the timepieces," a process that helped her evaluate her life goals. Her products hold power over others, too: "Several people have burst into happy tears when seeing pieces designed just for them. It's an amazing feeling to know your art has touched someone's heart."

Take a Studio Tour to see where Sue creates her tiny, wearable sculptures!

  • Origami Menagerie Necklaces

    Origami Menagerie Necklaces


  • Love

    Love "Nose" Necklace


  • Intertwined Felines Necklace

    Intertwined Felines Necklace


  • Origami Zodiac Necklaces

    Origami Zodiac Necklaces


  • Yin To My Yang Necklace

    Yin To My Yang Necklace


  • Kitty Pendant

    Kitty Pendant


  • Intertwined Canines Necklace

    Intertwined Canines Necklace


  • Love Mode Activated Necklace

    Love Mode Activated Necklace


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    Tarot Card Necklaces