Tim & Aurelia Sanders

Tim and Aurelia Sanders think people should enjoy more mirth. They mixed together data visualization, writing, and humor to create artwork that was smart as well as funny. Their process begins with a mix of ideas and sketches, which are gradually refined through research, experimentation, and "occasional hair pulling." Timothy employs his background as an art director and playwright, and Aurelia keeps their projects well edited and on track. "It's a great pleasure to see a passerby stop at one of our posters, lean in close, and start to laugh," they say.

Have a peek at Tim's sketchbooks to see how his thought process works as he creates new posters.

  • Shakespearean Insults Chart

    Shakespearean Insults Chart

    $25.00 - $70.00

  • Literary Insults Chart

    Literary Insults Chart


  • Lively Lines by Jane Austen

    Lively Lines by Jane Austen


  • A World of I Love You

    A World of I Love You


  • Wine in Literature Chart

    Wine in Literature Chart


  • 1980s Slang Chart

    1980s Slang Chart


  • Notable Animals in Literature

    Notable Animals in Literature


  • Heroic Girls in Books

    Heroic Girls in Books