Spring Hofeldt

Spring Hofeldt may be a realistic painter, but she gravitates toward surreal forms. Case in point: ostriches. “I’m drawn to bizarre and quirky animals,” says the Brooklyn-based artist. “Ostriches have a very powerful presence, from their towering size and quick step, to their large, bold, deep black eyes that have a lock on your every move.” The wackier the subject, the closer it brings Spring to her goal: joy in the eye of the beholder. “I hope it makes them chuckle, giggle, snort, laugh out loud, or smile on the inside,” she says of her work. Playfulness, after all, is at the root of all enjoyment. “There are so many human experiences that can be annoying, awkward, or awful,” says Spring. “Retelling the story to others and seeing the humor in it is a great way to cope.”

Read a Q&A with Spring on our blog, then take a peek into her beautiful studio.

  • Otto - Ostrich Portrait

    Otto - Ostrich Portrait

    $48.00 - $78.00

  • Francine - Ostrich Portrait

    Francine - Ostrich Portrait

    $48.00 - $78.00

  • Ned - Ostrich Portrait

    Ned - Ostrich Portrait

    $48.00 - $78.00

  • Squawk - Ostrich Portrait

    Squawk - Ostrich Portrait

    $48.00 - $78.00

  • Surrogate


    $60.00 - $115.00

  • People Watching

    People Watching

    $60.00 - $115.00

  • Listen Up

    Listen Up

    $60.00 - $115.00

  • Remember Your Strengths

    Remember Your Strengths

    $60.00 - $115.00

  • Take Your Time

    Take Your Time

    $60.00 - $115.00

  • Stay Sharp

    Stay Sharp

    $60.00 - $115.00