Kendyll Hillegas

Food and everyday objects have always held a special fascination for me. There is something magical about taking a moment to notice the beauty in the objects that we use and love daily, and the food that we share with others.

Like many of creative people, I have had my hands in a lot of pies over the years. After graduating with a BFA in painting I knew that I wanted to make art, but I was not sure what kind or how. In the meantime, I worked as a tutor, a barista, a community organizer and a designer. It was not until 2012 when I began to make what I considered personal illustrations of food and objects, that I had a sense of clarity about the kind of work I wanted to make. I began sharing these paintings on Tumblr, and shortly thereafter opened an Etsy shop. My work is now on retail packaging, in print and web publications, and in corporate art collections and homes around the world.

Now that I am illustrating full-time, I feel more motivated than ever to keep my eyes open and notice the moments of ordinary, ephemeral beauty that surround me. While my work is intensely personal, it is my hope that it is also approachable since we all have favorite foods and stories that go along with them.

My sunny little studio is located in Quincy, MA - just five minutes south of Boston. When I am not making art, I am probably reading, taking cat pictures or pursuing my eternal quest for the perfect pie.

Visit the blog to learn more about Kendyll and her culinary-inspired creations.

  • Rainbow Carrots

    Rainbow Carrots

    $48.00 - $105.00

  • Ice Pops

    Ice Pops

    $48.00 - $105.00

  • Cookies & Milk

    Cookies & Milk

    $48.00 - $105.00

  • Snowcone


    $48.00 - $105.00