Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebecca Rodriguez's background reflects her love of both academics and artistry. She has a B.A. from Yale University in American Art & Material Culture, and a Master’s Degree in American Material Culture (think Antiques Roadshow). She started a small business creating mindful and playful homewares infused with school-days nostalgia. She firmly believes that everyday life can be made better by creating playful and beautiful spaces in which to live and work.

  • Chromosome Pillows

    Chromosome Pillows

    originally $35.00

  • Personalized Library Card Pillow

    Personalized Library Card Pillow

    $65.00 - $95.00

  • Watercolor Table Runner

    Watercolor Table Runner

    originally $38.00

  • Personalized Blue Book Pillow

    Personalized Blue Book Pillow


  • Settle Down Penmanship Pillow

    Settle Down Penmanship Pillow

    originally $40.00