Eric Gross

Eric Gross grew up on a small family farm, where there always seemed to be some piece of equipment in need of maintenance or repair. He developed the basic skills of metal working from his father and grandfather, spending countless hours in their old white barn, watching them work.

Eric chose to study mechanical engineering in college, hoping to put his knowledge of materials and machinery to good use. He eventually grew bored of designing widgets and decided to use his metalworking skills and equipment to create original, whimsical, and functional items for the home.

Read the Q&A with Eric on our blog.

  • Giraffe Family Bookends

    Giraffe Family Bookends


  • Elephant Family Bookends

    Elephant Family Bookends


  • Bicycle Bookends

    Bicycle Bookends


  • Cat Scratch Bookends

    Cat Scratch Bookends


  • Through the Woods Tealight  Holder

    Through the Woods Tealight Holder


  • Sea Monster Bookends

    Sea Monster Bookends


  • Hamsa Tealight Holder

    Hamsa Tealight Holder


  • Wrecking Ball Bookends

    Wrecking Ball Bookends

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