Alain Berteau

Born in Germany in 1971, Alain Berteau graduated in architecture in 1996.

Opened in 2002, his Brussels-based architecture practice has evolved into an award-winning product and interior design agency, working for major international companies. Alain Berteau is committed to developing and promoting relevant design solutions through innovative typologies, functional improvements, added-value narratives, powerful simplicity and effortless ecology.

Alain Berteau pioneered influential eco-friendly inventions such as package-structured products and noise reducing office accessories. In 2005, he was named design professor at La Cambre Art School in Brussels. He was awarded the title of "designer of the year" at the 2006 Interieur Kortrijk Biennale, and was awarded finalist at the INDEX design award in Denmark in 2008, he was the honor guest of the last Bordeaux Agora Biennale.