Brent Morehouse

Working with wood was at an early start for me, at the age of 14 I had built our family room furniture using white oak. Thinking back, my parents were pretty cool to let my creations stay in the main room for over a decade! (The tables were very heavy). Using hand tools was a great way to understand the characteristics of many wood species. I was fortunate to attend a public school where a full wood working shop was at our disposal. Even more important was a very passionate and knowledgeable teacher, Mr. Zink (thank you many times over!). Unknown to me at the time, those wood working classes would come into play later on in my professional careers. After 15 years in the software business, I started building custom homes. Many of my friends would comment on what a drastic change that was, however, it was like an old shoe to me. I started longboarding when I was 44 years old. My wife purchased a longboard for a father’s day gift, accompanied with another skateboard for my 8 year old daughter. We had(still have) a blast! Longboarding is a fast growing sport all over the world – I noticed that the products were still primarily rooted in low cost, low quality plywood construction – this from the ‘trick skateboard’ product origins. Being very familiar with the characteristics and beauty of hardwood, my creative juices were ‘flowing’. Plywood boards often feel ‘dead’, mainly because the construction method contains so much glue, it’s basically wood fibers mixed with glue. Natural hardwood fibers feel ‘live’ – with our three layer construction and end to end camber, the boards are smoother riding, and look a heck of a lot better!