Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini

Candace & Shirley say: Our work is a collaborative effort between two friends: an aerospace engineering professor (Candace Wark) and retired high school teacher/administrator (Shirley Nannini). After retirement Shirley reinvented herself by actively pursing her passion for photography; whereas, Candace has used scientific photography in her research in the field of aerodynamics. Inquiry is at the heart of our work. Our art looks at an ever changing dynamic of patterns that evolve and move. The images we produce are interactions of wind and light that create unique pieces; they capture a single moment in time and cannot be reproduced. As educators by training we hope to stir your imagination as well as our own. Making you look, and then look again in an interaction with the pieces, connects us to our audiences in a mutual voyage of discovery. Our current work uses an innovative and novel approach to capture the essence of wind movement and convey its transient nature. We introduce smoke into a wind tunnel and allow it to flow over various objects. As the wind and smoke interact, the intrinsic laws of nature produce extraordinary patterns in the wake created behind the objects. "Ethereal" and "organic" are words others have used to describe the abstract yet naturally occurring patterns we have captured. Our photographs seek to draw the viewers into an evolving, dynamic view of nature and art in the creation of beauty.