Amy Hamley

Redraven studios, a line of handmade porcelain keepsakes, was founded in 2006 by Amy Hamley. Joined by her husband Ryan in 2010, they operate an independent studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Redraven studios creates finely crafted jewelry and home & wedding decor. A trademark of our designs is the connection to memory. Every piece that we create has a story. They hold sentimental meaning to us and the folks that are dear to us.

Our home decor reflects our lives in western Pennsylvania. Found objects that remind us of our childhood, mementos of our ancestors, and symbols of our hardworking families are beautifully reproduced in porcelain.

Grounded in simple design and timeless beauty, our porcelain wedding decor joins permanence and ephemera. Intended for special moments and meaningful events, they are tangible keepsakes for generations.