Eileen Baumeister McIntyre

“The shapes and textures of flowers, petals, seeds, vines, and leaves” are what stimulate Eileen Baumeister McIntyre’s creativity. Fortunately, she is able to find natural inspiration aplenty in the extensive organic garden that surrounds her Long Island studio.

Eileen, whose rich art training includes botanical illustration, often begins the creative process by opening up her sketchbook. “The simple act of slowly getting into the ‘zone’ usually sparks some kind of creative excitement for me,” she says. Expressing herself through precious metals in a process that involves hand-carving her jewelry and then casting it into sterling silver, Eileen says her designs are a “celebration of the enduring beauty of nature.”

  • Double Daisy Drop Earrings

    Double Daisy Drop Earrings


  • Mixed Metals Buttercup Earrings

    Mixed Metals Buttercup Earrings


  • Golden Sunflower Necklaces

    Golden Sunflower Necklaces

    $110.00 - $235.00

  • Zenith Necklace

    Zenith Necklace

    originally $170.00