Zsuzsanna Barbu

While growing up, I spent a lot of time making all kinds of things with my Mom. Among many creations, we made arrangements with moss and mushrooms, and potted herbs into cute little containers. Since then - and especially since I moved to New York - I have subconsciously been looking for something to bring creativity and nature back into our lives. My husband and I also love vintage decor. I mainly create with reclaimed objects and materials (old gears, mason jars, reclaimed wood, etc.), and I also use air plants in most of my designs. I feel that these elements alone make my process unique. Cutting, drilling, sanding, and refinishing are my main ways to manipulate objects. I also love to work with unusual, or simply pretty glass. Terrariums are also one of my favorite decor elements. I have no formal design background; I simply follow my instinct in the creating process. I don't have rules; I'm driven by my imagination.