Neena Jhaveri

Born in Ahmedabad, India, Neena Jhaveri has had an appreciation for all forms of beauty since childhood. She followed her father's advice that her university studies should focus on the sciences as well as the arts. Although her passion has always been in the arts, spirituality, and nature, she learned long ago that science, the arts, and religion coexist harmoniously. Today, Neena continues to produce her unique designs as limited edition silk and cotton products (made with natural fibers) and exceptional works of pottery. She finds pleasure in creating beautiful things, and a dream come true in sharing these creations with the world.

  • Field Of Flowers Scarf

    Field Of Flowers Scarf


  • Dogwood Flower Art Scarf

    Dogwood Flower Art Scarf


  • Limitless Sky Vase

    Limitless Sky Vase


  • Impression Leaf Scarf

    Impression Leaf Scarf


  • Forget-Me-Not Heart Pendant

    Forget-Me-Not Heart Pendant


  • Forget-Me-Not Leaf Earrings

    Forget-Me-Not Leaf Earrings