Evad Flor

Evad had an epiphany in 2006. He'd been working with cork for 15 years and realized that if it could be made denser; the products he could invent with it would be limitless. By the summer of 2007, Evad had found a process that made it possible. He immediately started designing cutting boards out of cork and supplying them to retailers. Never one to stop after a sale is made; Evad continues to come up with new product designs. He works much like his historical hero, Leonardo da Vinci, by creating the designs organically, without the aid of computers. Evad continues to traverse the globe to find inspiration in other cultures. If he comes across a piano in his travels, he sits, closes his eyes, and plays for hours—what he's playing, no one knows, but it sounds good and it actually looks like he knows what he's doing.