Emilie Shapiro

There was never a moment that Emilie Shapiro didn't consider herself an artist. "Before I could speak I expressed myself through what I made with my hands," she says. "I am so incredibly lucky that my parents allowed me to pursue life on the path I chose." That path led to a line of jewelry comprised entirely of one-of-a-kind pieces she crafts by combining her metalsmithing skills with her love of found objects. "I have a massive stone collection that I started when I was two," says the New York City resident. "I usually pull out my drawers of gems and minerals and something catches my eye that I haven't seen before or forgot about." When Emilie creates a piece, she says she imagines the wearer seeing a reflection of themselves in it—“beauty in imperfection."

  • Waterfall Stairway Pendant

    Waterfall Stairway Pendant


  • After the Rain Pendant

    After the Rain Pendant


  • Compassionate Heart Necklace

    Compassionate Heart Necklace


  • Emerald Crystal Earrings

    Emerald Crystal Earrings


  • Compassionate Heart Earrings

    Compassionate Heart Earrings


  • Turquoise Talisman Earrings

    Turquoise Talisman Earrings


  • Ripple Earrings

    Ripple Earrings


  • Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff

    Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff


  • Waterfall Ring

    Waterfall Ring


  • Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings

    Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings


  • Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Pendant

    Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Pendant


  • Emerald Crystal Necklace

    Emerald Crystal Necklace


  • Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Earrings

    Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Earrings


  • Dreamer Necklace

    Dreamer Necklace


  • Dreamer Ring

    Dreamer Ring


  • Moonstone Talisman Earrings

    Moonstone Talisman Earrings


  • Emerald Crystal Ring

    Emerald Crystal Ring


  • Aquamarine Silver Lining Cuff

    Aquamarine Silver Lining Cuff


  • Ripple Necklace

    Ripple Necklace


  • Mini Lunar Earrings

    Mini Lunar Earrings


  • Stalactite Slice Earrings

    Stalactite Slice Earrings


  • Oco Geode Ring

    Oco Geode Ring


  • Raw Emerald Flower Cuff

    Raw Emerald Flower Cuff


  • Raw Emerald Flower Ring

    Raw Emerald Flower Ring

    originally $194.00

  • Skipping Stones Ring

    Skipping Stones Ring

    originally $88.00

  • Waterfall Cuff

    Waterfall Cuff


  • Skipping Stones Necklace

    Skipping Stones Necklace

    originally $106.00

  • Emerald Mosaic Necklace

    Emerald Mosaic Necklace


  • Mini Lunar Pendant

    Mini Lunar Pendant


  • Lunar Ring

    Lunar Ring


  • After the Rain Earrings

    After the Rain Earrings


  • Dreamer Earrings

    Dreamer Earrings