Paul and Sue Bergstrom

Nothing brings Paul and Sue Bergstrom more joy than sharing their love of music. The couple, who live in the mountains of north Georgia, craft Kalimbas—a type of thumb piano that originated in Africa—out of gourds and wood. When Paul creates an instrument, he works to "feel" the sound. "Only after my wife has installed the key set and tuned it do I get to hear the end result of my work," he says.

Aesthetic beauty is just as important, even when it can't be seen. A few years ago, Paul recalls a show where a young blind girl chose her own Kalimba. When she found her match, a cannonball gourd, she knew instantly. "She said, 'It's beautiful, I can feel it,'" shares Paul. "In that moment, my wife and I realized that what we were doing was very right."

  • Cedar Thumb Pianos

    Cedar Thumb Pianos

    $30.00 - $50.00

  • Emerald Thumb Piano

    Emerald Thumb Piano


  • Cannonball Gourd Thumb Piano

    Cannonball Gourd Thumb Piano


  • Gourd Amplifier

    Gourd Amplifier