Yao Cheng

Yao has been painting and drawing ever since she can remember. Since that first art class her mother took her to, she has developed a deep connection with painting. With a brush in hand, she loves when her ideas appear on paper with a life of its own. Her work is often described as whimsical, delicate and brightly colored. Working mainly in watercolor, she paints a variety of colorful subjects such as flowers, landscapes, and abstract shapes. Her unique and expressive brush marks are greatly influenced by her study in Chinese calligraphy and traditional floral painting.

She feels lucky to be spending her days in her studio painting surface patterns, designing art prints, and collaborating on various projects that expand her ever-growing curiosity for new ideas. A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009, she designed for the apparel industry before deciding to focus on her passion for painting again and establishing her own design studio.

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