Lis Bokt

Lis is the sort of person who can’t decide if she is an artist first, or a scientist first. She’s both, and approaches everything with that viewpoint. Her art tends to be a little nerdy, and her industrial projects are usually at least a little artistic. One of her favourite things is bridging the gap between things “that are just cool” and science. This manifests itself in a myriad of ways: using tools and equipment to do woodworking that are generally reserved for large, industrial applications; making art that is exceptionally awesome but uses an algorithm instead of random lines and patterns; woodworking that takes the greatest advantage of grain and nature to showcase the beauty that nature gave us. Not wanting to be limited to any one genre, Lis likes to work in a little bit of everything. Woodworking, metalworking, sewing - the world is simply a giant array of things waiting to be made. Fabrication is her heart and soul, and during the day she spends her time helping people learn how to build things, how to build things better, and how to have a direct impact on the world around you by making the things you need. She finds that helping empower people to make things is the only thing more enjoyable than actually making things herself. Currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan - a city often known as “the furniture capital of the world”, she does not have a lot of spare time between teaching and building. In those precious off hours, she can be found travelling the globe, taking photographs and running marathons (sometimes all three at once).