Trent Stocking

Trent Stocking has been working metal since he was 15. His dad owns a dental lab in Michigan and gave Trent a job as a Metal Finisher. He polished gold crowns and drew anatomy into metal teeth. Trent learned the value of the dexterity his two hands possessed.

He was taught to work hard, keep his head down, focus on the fine detail and to be proud of his work. After working with his dad for approximately five years, he moved on to work at the Alchemist Sculpture Foundry where he worked on ten foot statues of sports figures for baseball stadiums and hockey arenas. As time passed, Trent was a bike mechanic, barista, and doughnut maker. He began to realize that he needed to get back to his roots - Metal. Cutting, grinding, sanding, welding and repeat. Trent notes that "it's hard work, but the product you get to hold in your hand when it is finished is monumental every time."

  • Bike Tube Belt with Layered Chain Buckle

    Bike Tube Belt with Layered Chain Buckle

    originally $69.00