Nick Borosh

The future of design is function, sustainability and innovation." That belief has driven me the last ten years in creative design and website development. The ability to capture clean and fresh designs with a new commercial ethic, to merge the future with the classic ... now that's innovation. And with the Eco-Bonk Wildlife Series, we've accomplished just that by taking a nostalgic children's toy and updating it for a new century, a new generation, a new way of life.

As the father of two young boys, being an integral part of bringing safe and fun educational toys to market could not be more meaningful. My goal is to create designs that not only enhance the lives of my own friends and family, but also inspire the world around us. As the creative engine behind Pueri Elemental, my passion for illustration, animation and web design has grown to new heights. At Pueri Elemental, we take a great deal of pride in making a difference in every aspect of what we do. From our friends and families to yours, here's to empowering children to Play. Move. Learn.