Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson transforms everyday home goods and accessories into timeless heirlooms that tell a story. “I hope that my designs serve as conversation pieces and fun ways to bring people together,” he says. Brian is inspired by practical, user-friendly pieces that have an artful twist. To create these, he uses simple, sustainable materials that are locally sourced whenever possible. He hopes his designs elevate any occasion. “from small moments to once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.”

  • Urban Map Glass

    Urban Map Glass


  • Constitution and Declaration Glasses

    Constitution and Declaration Glasses


  • Etched Marathon Pint Glass

    Etched Marathon Pint Glass


  • Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

    Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

    $15.00 - $100.00

  • Baseball Park Map Glasses - Set of 2

    Baseball Park Map Glasses - Set of 2


  • Literary Glass

    Literary Glass


  • Genetic Code Glasses - Set of 2

    Genetic Code Glasses - Set of 2


  • Frequent Flyer Rocks Glasses

    Frequent Flyer Rocks Glasses