Samantha Pagni

Samantha Pagni began her career in art as a community arts program instructor and middle school art teacher. When she wanted to add metalsmithing classes to her curriculum, she took a course in beginning jewelry and was instantly hooked. Inspired by student response, practice and lots of mistakes in and out of her classroom, she continued to add to her bag of tricks & passed along a passion for jewelry to many budding art students along the way. Much of what Samantha continues to create in her studio today is inspired by her everyday adventures with her own kids. She thinks personalized jewelry designs should be meaningful to the wearer, attractive to the admirer, and still unique enough to make a bold statement. After all, no two people are exactly alike, and their jewelry shouldn't be either. Samantha lives with her biggest fans (husband and two young children) in Charlottesville, VA, a place where support for local artists and friendly people continue to amaze her daily.