Mary Kearns and Sheila Loggan

Mary Kearns lives in the DC area where she does her best to balance her urban lifestyle with healthful habits - mind, body and spirit. The mission of her company, Herban Lifestyle, LLC, is to promote beauty and self-care while supporting the health and well-being of people and the planet through the creation of high-quality bath and body products handcrafted with only the purest natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients, in attractive earth-friendly packaging.
Sheila Loggan's love affair with clay began in grade school; she made a soap dish for her mother and still has the memory of the smooth white earthenware on her childhood fingers. She forgot about her first love until she began hand building functional and sculptural pieces with clay in the late 1970's and later learning to throw on the pottery wheel. Since then, her small clay studio has moved with her from Idaho, Illinois, West Virginia, South Carolina, and now Pacifica, California.