Mary Kearns

At Herban Lifestyle, we have been passionate about handcrafting natural and organic bath and body products for over twelve years, ever since found Mary Kearns learned how to create herbal bath and body products at her local farmers market. Customers love our products because they smell delicious, are good for the environment, and are extremely gentle yet effective.

About Mary Kearns: Mary grew up in an environmentally conscious household where natural food and recycling were the norm. Her mother was into organic cooking long before it was cool. Mary has always delighted in the process of creating new products, and takes great pleasure in learning about the healing properties of herbs. In addition to being the founder and Chief Herban Developer at Herban Lifestyle, Mary is a wellness consultant working on the scientific review of cancer prevention programs.

  • DIY Lip Balm Kit

    DIY Lip Balm Kit